Hi, thanks for checking out my site. HerNameIsAn is about my experiences with information design and my life in Calgary.

Information design, for me, is the swiss-army-knife for communication and the navigation of this world: the medium is the message. In many ways, information design is the understanding of propaganda- how it’s made, disseminated, and influences. As such, constructive feedback and user testing are two key practices that distinguish us as information designers. Because it is an interdisciplinary discipline, we are able to acquire a very useful and unique collection of tools; which, can enhance our navigation of the world, for ourselves and for others.

I was born and raised in Calgary, and it is both interesting and intriguing, having the opportunity to see and experience how this city has bloomed- both locally and globally.

I hope you have a good visit :) Questions and Feedback? Send me a note.

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