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Avenue Diner, Calgary, Restaurant Review

Going out to eat is challenging in Calgary especially when you are a vegetarian.  Often I’m restricted to salads and even then I’d have to ask for it without chicken or bacon, etc.  I’m always on the hunt for new places and great locations.  When my friend told me about this diner located on Stephen Avenue I was pretty excited.  Breakfast has always provided more selection AND who can say no to breakfast?!

This weekend my friend took me to Avenue Diner.  Entering the diner made me think of those cool chill places you only see in movies located in New York.  A posh, long, narrow space, inviting and not pretentious; yes, places like that do exist in Calgary.  Great pictures hanging on the wall; simple and nostalgic.  We were seated in the back close to the open kitchen.  In a small space like Avenue I was impressed with the usage of space, everything had a place and an energy of connectedness.  The menu has a great selection of mouth watering goodness from fluffy omlettes to dad’s mac and cheese.

I ordered the tomato and basil bennedict while my friend had the spinach and mushroom omlette.  Our food didn’t take long to arrive and our server was always ready to top up our coffees, even on a busy afternoon.  The servers worked in unison – efficient, happy and customer oriented.  My egg’s benny was delicious!  The hollandaise sauce was light and creamy with a nice tang.  It was a refreshing spin and I will definitely attempt to make it.  The spinach and mushroom omlette was the most fluffiest omlette I have ever seen.  It was cooked to perfection with aged cheddar overflowing the edges.  Both plates came with hash browns and as a potato lover, I have no complaints about them.  Like any good meal we left our plates completely cleaned and perfectly filled.  I will definitely visit Avenue Diner again!  Avenue Diner on Urbanspoon

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