Blowfish Sushi Lounge, Calgary, Restaurant Review

One of the foods I missed most since becoming a vegetarian was sushi.  I never thought I would eat anything like it again; Cucumber and Avocado rolls were salt on a wound so I “cut my losses” and stayed far far away from anything “sushi/sushi related”.  Then, one magical day in beautiful NYC my friend and I trekked to Soy and Sake Cafe and there we had the best sushi ever!  The sushi did not try to imitate your typical California rolls but were a fabulous creation of their own.  Since then I have been on the search of such mouth-watering goodness in Calgary.

Although not solely a vegetarian sushi restaurant, Blowfish Sushi Lounge was able to offer a few more selection than most.  July days in Calgary can be quite temperamental to say the least, so on this warm summer’s evening my friend and I chose to sit outside while we enjoyed our recent discovery.  We did peak inside the restaurant which was quaint and intimate with a couple of fish tanks.

We ordered Sapporo beer, Edamame beans, Garden Delight and Agedashi tofu sushi.  Our server was friendly and efficient.  When we got there the dinner hour was just starting so the restaurant was quiet and she did not crowd us as we took our time to review the menu.  As more dining guests arrived after we received our food she continued to check on us occasionally to ensure that we were still comfortable yet not frequent enough to disturb our conversations.

Our drinks were sufficiently cold for the hot evening and our Edamame was salted just right.  The Agedashi tofu sushi had a nice crisp to it and leaving the unique spicy miso sauce lingering in your mouth.  I was really excited for the Garden party because of it’s bright colours and haphazardly applied dressing.  I definitely enjoyed the textured combination of the avocado and red pepper which was complimented nicely with the toasted sesame and miso dressing.

All in all this was the fix I’ve been looking for since New York and hopefully I will stumble across more unique creations. Blowfish Sushi Lounge on Urbanspoon

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