Boxwood Restaurant

One of the nice things about warm summer nights is having dinner outside.  Boxwood is a relaxing and friendly restaurant located at Central Memorial Park.  The décor of the restaurant is light, fun, and open with large natural wood paneled windows.  The servers’ casual attire keeps the place from feeling overly fancy.

Julie and I were excited to try Boxwood because of it’s fresh menu and optimum location.  We shared the selection of Canadian cheese and herbed crostini and roasted broccolini.  If you’re a vegetarian keep in mind that dinner here will consist of “appi-like” dishes as all entrées feature some sort of meat.

I can’t remember the names of the cheeses and it’s not listed in the menu but the selection of cheese consisted of something blue cheese like, something brie cheese like and a white cheddar aged 3 years.  I like cheese and nothing can go wrong with cheese and crackers.  This dish also came with olives and a sweet jam which complimented all the cheese.  The roasted broccolini was nice and the hint of lemon was a great touch to the Nostrala cheese.

We both had a beautiful fuchsia coloured drink made of mashed up flowers.  Who can say no to dinking flowers?!  Julie’s flower drink had gin while mine had vodka – both equally great, although the gin had a little more kick.

We both really enjoyed Boxwood because of it’s vibe and easy approach to eating although I wish that there was at least one vegetarian entrée.

Our server was nice, friendly and knowledgeable about the menu (I’ve been to places where the response to questions about the menu is “I don’t know” or an unconvincing “Ya it’s pretty good”).

Happy eating :)

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  1. Here’s hoping that you’ll come up with more vegetarian/vegan dishes as I belong go different Meetup groups that are vegan and we’d come there all the time if you changed the menu to that!

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