Broken City

Everyone loves a patio, especially one on a roof top!

I have been on a poutine rampage since Steve and I were talking about how awesome they were.

The patio at Broken City is very spacious with nice murals to take in if you’re tired of people watching.

When my poutine arrived I immediately thought “Wow, it’s soooo huge!  Yum Yum!”  The poutine tasted like what a poutine should taste like: mounds of fries with gravy all over the place and enough curds that you can enjoy it freely not worrying about rationing it for every bite.  There was no “special” kick that made this poutine exceptional but there was also nothing that made it not special.  It is a poutine that is a poutine classic.  It’s what one expects when they want a classic poutine that will satisfy a poutine craving.

Steve and I also tried the veggie burger and we both agreed that it wasn’t very satisfying.  He said it was too “beany” and I think it lacked punch and flavor.  We won’t be back for the burger but we will be for the poutine!

The service was ok, not overly friendly but who really cares when you have beer, poutine, sunshine and wicked company.

Happy eating :)

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  1. Jason on …If you didnt know today Monday April 11th is National Poutine Day! So on this day I mad a conscious effort to celebrate appropriately by seeking out our Nationale export Im not talking about Celine Dion but funny I should say that because Ive been calling her Celine Poutine for the longest time now POUTINE! I hit up Poutineville this afternoon in search of squeaky and stretchy cheese.

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