Famoso Restaurant Review

I have been meaning to share this experience with you for awhile but time got away and then it was 2 months later!  After reading and watching “Eat, Pray, Love”, I was on the search for some ass kicking Margherita pizza!  I’ve been to other pizzerias and they were nice in their own way but the overall experience and pizza were nothing compared to Famoso.

The first time I went to Famoso I loved it!  The second time I went to Famoso I loved it!  (And that was in the same week!)  The other day I went to Famoso and still loved it!

The first time there, my friend and I got the Tapenade Trio, Quattro Formaggi, and of course the Margherita.  Both pizza’s were absolutely amazing!  They were thin crusted with just enough topping making them satisfyingly delicious and not soggy like other places I’ve been to.  I imagine my Margherita was as close to the Naples’ pizza Julia Roberts was eating in “Eat, Pray, Love” that I can have until my Europe trip.  The Tapenade was fun for those who like to try a bit of everything (me) and it was great with the pizza/crust too.

A few days later I was back with new friends.  I can’t remember what the other two pizzas were but Victor ate all of his “meat” pizza and a slice from the other pizzas as well.  Julie and I shared the Eggplant Parmigina; it was filling but not heavy leaving you satisfied with enough room for more if you wanted to squeeze in another slice.  We also had Roasted Kalamate Olives for appis which was fun on our pizzas as well.

After countless times of me telling Jocelyn how awesome and delicious Famoso is she and I finally went!  We had the Olives to share and again I got the Margherita – which was consistently delicious.  Jocelyn had the Smoked Salmon pizza and a Raspberry Italian soda.  “The pizza was the closest to real Italian pizza that I’ve has since I was in Italy 2 years ago.  I always love Italian sodas because it is very refreshing and is a great summer drink!  Overall it was very good and I’m looking forward to going back to try their other pizzas, gelato and specialty drinks that they have!”

I thoroughly enjoy Famoso because of it’s relaxed and clean atmosphere.  It’s a little different than other restaurants in that you order your food from the cashier and not your server which probably contributes to the relaxing vibe.  I also love the simple wood décor and large windows that make you feel carefree and happy.

I hope your experience at Famoso is like mine if not better!  Happy eating :)

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