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Every time I’m at Nellies Cosmic Cafe or at The Coup I tell myself “next time I will try Farm“.  Finally one Fall day it happened!  I was wanting something warm and homey while my friend wanted something light.

I ordered the Mac and Cheese which was FANTASTIC to say the least.  My experiences of macaroni and cheese are either Kraft Dinner’s or Giada’s, two dishes extremely different from each other.  I’ve never had mac and cheese with bread crumbs toasted on top and I never thought that bread crumbs could do such magic.  Magic!  The dish was delightfully creamy and the crunchy crumbs helped kept the dish from being too heavy.  If you’re a fan of pickles, the serving was a nice touch too.

My friend order a fish dish.  The fish (I can’t remember what kind – it was a white meat) sat on top of a mash of some sort and kelp topped with yam crisps.  I can’t tell you how it was so you’ll have to take his word in that it was “pretty good except for the kelp because it was bitter”.

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