Higher Ground Vegetarian Night

Higher Ground is a coffee house I like to relax at.  They have a wide variety of specialty coffee, tea and food, including a couple of veggie selections and dessert.  Every Wednesday night is Vegetarian Night (you have to make reservations in advance).  On June 22 Julie and I finally had dinner there and yes this post is more than very delayed!!

First on the menu was a Dill Potato salad.  I liked the bite this dish had and of course being a FAN of potatoes I obviously enjoyed this dish.  It was surprisingly not heavy at all even though you’re consuming a lot of starch.  I also really enjoyed the cheese that gave this plate a nice punch that wasn’t even lacking in the first place.

Next up was the Italian Flatbread; the presentation of this dish made me think of summer on a patio.  It was nice and colourful – exactly what I haven’t been eating in a VERY long time.  I was slightly disappointed by the lack of flavor this dish had since it was so colorful and all.  Luckily my second bite had sun dried tomatoes giving my palate the excitement it was looking for.  (Lesson: make sure all your elements are on the fork to get the full flavor experience)

For dessert we got not one, not two, but three popsicles each!  The popsicles instantly brought me back to my childhood of carefree days playing outside with a popsicle melting down my arm!  We had a strawberry popsicle which was tart and refreshing, a blue berry popsicle that left its skin all over your teeth and lips (Julie and I had good laughs with this one) and a vanilla blackberry popsicle which was the favorite.

The service was good as plates were cleared quickly and we were left to our conversations without being interrupted.  I will be back for more Wednesday dinners.

Happy eating :)

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  1. Hi Nolan,

    Thank you for the comment! I was there again last week for another veggie night and it was even better than my first post. I thoroughly enjoy how they bring in different flavors and spices from other parts of the world. I hope you give them a try :)


  2. Great post! We didn’t even realize Higher Ground served food like this. The old school Popsicle are a nice touch. Somewhat reminiscent of early childhood days when mom and dad would try to save money by making Popsicle at home.

    I think you just made my day :)

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