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It has been a long time since I had a hankering for pho.  Where oh where in Calgary would I be able to come across vegetarian pho, does such a thing even exist?!  Here’s a fact: if you’re at a Vietnamese restaurant and there is only one vegetarian soup item on the menu it’s probably not vegetarian!  Funnily enough as I was telling my vegetarian counter part of my craving she informed me that she was recently told of a Vietnamese restaurant that served real vegetarian dishes.  Exciting!

Le Da is on the east side of the city (where all good Vietnamese restaurants are located).  After scanning the menu my craving shifted from pho to crispy noodles and Julie ordered vermicelli with spring rolls and imitation meat.

My crispy noodles were delicious!  The egg noodles were fried to perfection topped with imitation meat and fresh vegetables.  Beneath the noodles is a runny sauce that can be used to make your noodles soggy, that’s how I eat mine, or drizzled over the noodles for extra flavoring.

Julie’s vermicelli with spring rolls and imitation meat was like the real deal.  The spring rolls are vegetarian and wrapped with rice paper rather than egg paper.  Loaded with lettuce and fresh herbs this dish was delicately balancing the fine line of being too much and was just light enough to keep one from being too full.

The service was good.  Our server was tentative enough to refill our tea pot and clear our plates but didn’t disturb our meal and conversation.  I definitely need to make my way back for pho!

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