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  1. This trendy restaurant was our choice for the evening and what a mistake. It is intriguing to find a place that doesn’t take reservations and has a continual lineup. This is what we heard, so thought it was imperative that we try it out. Model Milk’s attractive atmosphere doesn’t make up for it’s poor food. We started off with a couple of appetizers that were recommended. First off was a calamari dish which looked more like macaroni salad … was somewhat fishy and filled with bacon . The second was a tuna crudo which was somewhat bland. For the main course the recommended favorite was their burger, which at that point seemed safe so I tried it. Mistake. It was one of the worst I have ever had and was accompanied by grease drenched fries. Our other dish was the lemon and mascapone risotto which had an overdose of lemon and oysters that appeared to be “past their prime”. The only upside to this evening was the desert which was quite good , a chocolate macaroon with peanut butter ice cream.

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