Namskar, Calgary, Restaurant Review

Indian cuisine is something I’ve recently tried and I must say that it is absolutely delicious!  Namskar not only offers a WONDERFUL vegetarian selection but the staff and ambiance makes it a great place to enjoy.  One of the really nice things about Namskar is their menu.  Being a newbie to East Indian food, my friend and I were at a lost to what to order and what to expect.  Namskar’s menu featured pictures of some of their dishes as well as what to expect for the contents of the dishes – great for expectations of spiciness or cream- based dishes.  We ordered Mushroom Muttar – a combination of mushrooms and green peas cooked in an exotic curry sauce with fresh coriander leaves, Veggie Jalfrezi – a mixture of fresh vegetables and cottage cheese cooked with sautéed onion, mixed peppers and a touch of spiced tomato sauce, Saffron rice, Garlic Naan bread and Chai tea.  You can also request the kitchen to make your food extra spicy; I recommend this if you can handle spicy food as I found the regular dishes not spicy at all.  They were quite busy on a Saturday night with large and small parties all around.  Our food came out fairly quickly and was enough for 2 people.  From entering to leaving we were greeted with smiles – something that hasn’t happened for a long time!  Namskar on Urbanspoon

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  1. Hi An! This is one of my favourite restaurants in Calgary. Besides being really good food, its consistent, which is always something to look for in a good restaurant :)

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