nellies cosmic cafe

Nellies Cosmic Cafe, Calgary, Restaurant Reivew

Nellies is one of my favorite breakfast places in Calgary, especially in the summer time.  There is nothing better and sitting in the sun and enjoying a late breakfast on a lazy afternoon.

Whenever I’m there I get the toastada (huevos rancheros) – a baked tortilla topped with eggs, tomatoes, peppers, olives, beans, and cheese.

There are a few other vegetarian choices like an eggs benedict and a veggie omelet.  The coffee is always fresh and tastes great.  The ambiance is eclectic with memorabilia ranging from a candyland game board to dial-tone phones.  What more can you ask for when you want a chillax day; after brunch you get some lollipops and can enjoy a walk around 17th ave. Nellie's Cosmic Cafe on Urbanspoon

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