Overeasy Breakfast Review

I love breakfast food!  One of my favorite things about finding great eateries is sharing them with friends.  I’ve been to Overeasy numerous times so you can definitely add it to a fave spot.

Jocelyn and I finally decided to have breakfast at 9am on a Saturday assuming that it wouldn’t be busy because who gets up at 9am on a Saturday?!  People who go to Overeasy are people who are up earlier than 9am!  We waited for about 15ish minutes which isn’t too bad considering brunch at 11am can be over 30mins.

Overeasy’s décor is clean and cute with inspirations from the 60s (I think).  The walls have simple colourful pictures and the ceiling is decorated with chalk drawings.  When you are seated don’t forget to look at the light fixtures at the island :)

Jocelyn ordered the Traditional Eggs Benny.  “A good restaurant will know how to make a good eggs benny” she had said to me at another diner.  Even with the busy line up our order came up pretty fast!  The egg yolks were a beautiful rich orangy yellow colour and the hollandaise sauce was good.  I can’t vouch for the plate but Jocelyn said it was delicious.  What I will tell you is that the herb potatoes were amazing!!!  My stomach was growing as I was editing this picture.

I was in an indecisive state of mind between eggs benny or scrambled eggs.  To my luck they have a dish that is a marriage of both, Scrambled Crepe and this picture does not do the plate justice.  The scrambled eggs with the hollandaise sauce was delicious while the slight sweetness of the crepes complimented each bite beautifully.  The vegetable filling helped keep my mouthfuls “light” not feeling like my arteries were clogging.

The service was friendly and efficient.  We did not feel rushed even though there was a line up from the kitchen out to the front door and then some.   Overeasy Breakfast on Urbanspoon

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