Tango Bistro, Calgary, Restaurant Review

I think I’m on the search for the perfect bistro/chill place in Calgary.  Tango is a cute, clean, contemporary bistro held together with orange and white tiles and naturally stained wood.  I’ve been there twice and can say that the service has been consistently good.

My first time there, my friend and I shared a tomato bocconcini salad and candied yam fries.  I also had a pink lemonade (a summer drink delight).  This meal is probably my 2010 summer-time lunch.  Everything was light and just enough for 2 friends catching up while needing something to munch on.  The tomato bocconcini came on skewers so you were ensured to get the perfect amount of tomato and cheese.  I’m not a huge fan of yam fries but these were delicious – crispy and just sweet enough.

My second time there was with my boyfriend.  We were looking for a place that would give a vegetarian some options.  Depending on how particular a vegetarian you are this might not be a place for you.  We ordered Villa Rubini’s Pinot Grigio – something I’ll be stocking up on, warm pecan crusted goat cheese with yam crisps, capicolla and grilled pineapple flatbread, and gnocchi with pancetta.  The goat cheese was absolutely delicious!  I’m craving it just thinking about the warm cheese melting in my mouth!  Now here’s where some difficulty might come in; my rules about my vegetarianism are usually bendable – sometimes I’ll eat something that’s touched meat and sometimes I don’t.  This night I ate “contaminated” food.

The gnocchi was perfect!  It tasted like homemade goodness!  How can you say no to soft, melt in your mouth cheese stuffed gnocchi?!  The pineapple flatbread was like pineapple pizza – meh.

Tango is a good place to unwind with a friend or a great place to have a date.  It is loud enough to muffle your conversations but not too loud where your response is “what?”  I would definitely recommend this place for first dates.   Tango Bistro on Urbanspoon

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