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Una is a cute pizza restaurant with a bistro feel.  If you’ve been to Wicked Wedge from back in the day, it is very hard to remember how the old place looked and felt.  Needless to say Una made the space contemporary and CLEAN!  (But I do miss the good ol’ 2:00am pizza)  Not only is the restaurant completely different than the previous occupants but so is the pizza/food.

My boyfriend and I visited Una Friday evening.  The last time we tried to stop by the wait time was at least 45 minutes so this time we called enroute; it took us 30 minutes to get to Una which was our wait time – SWEET!

The restaurant is a long and narrow space similar to Avenue Diner, with Graffiti-like art on the walls.  Feeling fancy we ordered Joseph Phelps, a Cabernet Sauvignon, it was a good wine with a light fruit taste and The Formula, a Shiraz that was very tart.  (I’m not a wine connoisseur)  For starters we ordered meat balls, not vegetarian, a zucchini salad and bruschetta.  The zucchini salad was dressed with lemon and pecorino romano – it was ok – reminded me of a sour Vietnamese papaya salad.

The bruschetta was delicious on its crustini and the pea sprouts was a pleasant spin.  Our main course was the mushroom pizza.  The truffle oil gave the pizza enough “grease” to make it taste not dry.  I’m on the fence about the mushroom pizza, it was ok but not the kind of pizza I’d be craving.  The aroma of the mushroom, scarmoza and grana padano were very strong; I would have liked more arugula to lighten the flavor.  We ate every bite and despite sharing everything except the meatballs both my partner and I were not disgustingly full – you know, the gross full feeling you get when eating extremely greasy food.  I enjoyed my Una experience and I think it was mostly because of my company.  The service was not great and it can be fairly loud.  I like the busy humming conversations but it can be overwhelming when you are trying to unwind with a date. Una Pizza and Wine on Urbanspoon

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