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Jan 18 / An

Dairy Lane, Calgary, Review

I heard a lot of good things about Dairy Lane Cafe from my friend who lives in Hillhurst: great food, friendly staff and local suppliers – all the good things you can ask for!

The cozy restaurant was full when we arrived at 11ish on Sunday; luckily warm coffee greeted us while we waited for a table.

What I love about breakfast is that there are sooooo many choices for a vegetarian!  After a thorough read I ordered the Caribbean Jerk Scramble and Julie ordered the Breakfast Burrito.

This is one of the very few times I ordered something other than eggs for breakfast.  I liked that my dish had a lot of color and things to pick at.  The jerked tofu tasted like plain tofu you get at a grocery store.  All in all this dish was very mellow in it’s flavor and I wished I ordered eggs instead.  Here’s a little TMI for you, after my meal I knew I was going to be cleaned out!  aaaaaaahhhhahaha

Julies Breakfast Burrito was “really delicious, it was loaded with eggs and there was oozing melted cheese!  I would go back for it :)

The verdict: Dairy Lane is a cute place with friendly staff.  The food is a little more expensive than other breakfast places but I will drive across the city again.

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  1. Kimberley / Jan 19 2011

    You came all the way to West Hillhurst and didn’t stop by???

    The breakfast burrito is awesome!

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